Doors and Screens

CWD doors and screens are suitable for all buildings where low rise entrances and commercial doors are specified. Frames are available in thermally broken versions where necessary to comply with Approved Document L.


Aluminium profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy 6063 complying with the recommendations of BS EN 755-9.


Sections can be finished in either organic powder coat to BS6496 or anodising to BS3987. Certain systems are available with different colours externally and internally.


The system is based on a common box size for both single and double glazed versions. The construction consists of main vertical members with horizontal transoms spanning between. Frame profiles are square cut and assembled by driving screws into extruded ports in the adjacent sections. All frame joints are sealed against entry of water during assembly. Loads are transmitted to the supporting structure via purpose designed fixings.

Door sections are also square cut and assembled with extruded cleats and support plates which are secured with stainless steel bolts and screws. All door beads are mechanically fixed externally for security.
Pivoted, hinged or sliding doors can be constructed from the section range. Woven wool-pile completes the seal between fixed and moving frames.


The glazing (glass, panels, opening lights or doors) is set in EPDM gaskets, which are fitted into undercut grooves in the aluminium profiles. The glazing is retained either by beads or in pockets in the extrusions. Glass conforms to BS6262 and BS6206 for both thickness and type. Double glazed units conform to BS EN1279.


There are no recognised performance requirements for air and water penetration through ground floor treatments. It is advisable to give special consideration to sites of an exposed nature. CWD’s technical department will be pleased to offer assistance to produce a cost effective solution.

Doors from the CWD range satisfy or exceed the current requirements of approved document L when glazed with glass of the appropriate ‘U’ value.

CWD doors comply fully with approved document M provisions and the DDA regulations.


CWD door and screen systems are designed to accept the majority of British, European and American hardware. High security can easily be achieved with the range of locks, hinges, cylinders and other items available, Specialist requirements such as emergency exit devices or fire alarm links can be incorporated.

CWD doors can be manually or power operated and a complete range of control equipment is available.


CWD pursue a policy of continuous development and reserve the right to change their product specifications without prior notice.